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日本311大地震 - 震出一個念頭 (創發者自述)



       發想容易,但如何落實?從產品發想到產品開發完成是一條漫漫長路….快想破頭時,某天我帶家裡的小貴賓(寶弟)去看病,獸醫提供的餵藥針筒讓我靈光一閃, 經反向思考後,我找到了置放濾芯的最佳位置和如何轉換的最佳機制。

​        sukori 取自水可濾的音譯,它緣起日本311災難,在極端氣候風雲難測的今日,希望它的創發能幫助有喝淨水需要的人們,特別是水資源落後不足區域和災後缺水區域的人們。sukori 很適合放入急難救助包裏,以備不時之需。



The Sukori Filter Bottle is a pioneering personal filtering bottle system offering a convenient access to safe drinking water. It was created in the aftermath of the devastating Japanese earthquake in 2011. “The enormity of the crisis was heartbreaking”, recalls William Yang, a wise man with a wealth of experience. “I was very concerned, also because my own daughter was living in Tokyo at the time. With the electricity out of order people had no access to drinking water. If the refillable water bottles had a filter they could have been used during the emergency.”


An interior designer by trade, Yang admits that although this is the first industrial product he has designed, his many years of working in the construction industry have been invaluable. With a single-mindedness of purpose, for more than a year he worked on transforming his idea into a functional product. When the original prototype was completed, only then he researched the market for similar products to access how the Sukori Filter Bottle’s unique features compared. “I did not want to be dissuaded. I had a gut feeling I was onto something that could improve the quality of people’s lives and wanted to see it through to completion.”


The patented filter mechanism of the Sukori Filter Bottle allows an easy interchange between a portable bottle and a filter bottle. It consists of an outer and an inner body smoothly fitted together with a silicon ring, with a lockable filter in-between. Once the outer bottle is filled with water, the inner is pressed slowly down to the bottom.  The unique internal spiral design of the filter ensures sufficient time for purification. NSF certified high-grade activation carbon effectively removes impurities, whilst absorbing chlorine and bad odor, to deliver taster and healthier water. Depending on the chemical compounds of the original source, for best use it is recommended that after 400 times the filter is changed. The bottom has a 12-month dial that can keep track of usage time.


When the normal water supply system becomes disrupted, the Sukori Filter Bottle can come to the rescue. It is also a useful companion for travel, excursions, or hiking giving users a piece of mind. It saving tones of energy wasted in the making and recycling of bottled water, and it protects the environment. Its multi-functionality makes it suitable for everyday use and it is highly cost effective product.            Annie Ivanova《Taiwan By Design》

                                                    水淨 - 人淨 - 山川大地淨

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